Best for dry to oily skin types.

For natural fluffs the Brow Lamination service is a semi-permanent procedure which stylizes the brow hairs to create a fluffier, defined appearance. Your natural brow hair pattern is strategically groomed in a direction which emphasizes your brow’s natural fullness, filling sparcities in your brows without the use of invasive methods. A gentle lamination solution is used to secure the shape and brow hair direction. The end results are a highly stylized, groomed brow which will emphasize your natural brow.

The Brow Lamination is expected to last 6 - 8 weeks with the brow hair’s natural growth cycle. This service works best for clients who have naturally full brows. For clients with sparser brows combine your Brow Lamination with the Henna Brow Tint service for a fuller, fluffed up brow!